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No you cannot.

6 months ago

Tips and tricks on how to write a good staff application...

1. Take your time:

The good thing about writing a staff application is that you have all the time in the world to write it. It doesnt matter if you take days or hours the thing you must focus on the most is how good and detailed it is.

2. Dont lie:

Lying is something you want to avoid while writing a staff application, if you dont have any staff experience just say that you dont.. People appreciate honesty.

3. Grammar checks:

Read back your application and check if there is any spelling mistakes, it's unprofessional to have any mistakes and that's essential to writing a staff application.

4. Dont plagiarise:

The first thing someone will check in your application is if you copied it from online, dont ever do that... Plagiarism = Denied and that is a fact.

You are allowed to get ideas from outside, but dont ever copy it.

5. Include details:

If we open an application and it's very small and compact... It's a deny, thats because you show us that you didnt take your time and you rushed through your entire application, so include details and dont rush through your application.

Tips on how to pass the second stage of your application..

If you get accepted you will move on to the second stage, the second stage is a voice interview by an admin or above and it's so we get a better understanding of you and how you act under pressure.

1. Stay calm:

Dont panic as this is how you will probably get denied, the whole point of the interview is to see how you act under pressure, if you sound like a cat that's about to explode it will impact on your chances of getting accepted.

2. Dont lie:

Once again if you lie it will impact your chances, if you say that you are 14 but sound like an 8 years old it's an instant deny.

3. Be confident:

Don't think about your answers too much and dont hesitate.

7 months ago